About Us

Linear Musik (dba Linear Musik Komunitas) is a Indonesian independent record label founded in 2023 by Arie Irawan.


The company originally started as recording studio then switched gears to help create a label for people who want the chance to shine in the music industry, and are unable to do so.

Made by artists for artists.


Arie Irawan


30 years of music experience as a musician, and session player, and 12 years as a composer and songwriter. He is fluent in bass, guitar, piano, and drums. He has played with numerous bands that deal with oldies, and jazz fusion bands.

Kristopher Fournier

Kristopher Fournier

COO/Executive VP

Born in Montreal, Canada and currently living in Georgia, USA. 25 years with Digital marketing and Physical marketing. 10+ years for SEO. Plays guitar, bass, keyboard, and vocalist as well. Has played in numerous bands.